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Our business initiative has a focus on nutrition and sustaining the environment. Balancing the importance of flavour, quality and protecting the world we live in.  

The approach to our cuisine we have teamed our passions for quality food with suppliers who are like-minded with it comes to protecting our planet.  Sourcing the best ingredients from a team of passionate suppliers who are like-minded when it comes to providing great produce is just a part of it.  

Vegetables: Berkshire is a fertile agricultural county and we delight in preparing and cooking vegetables, grown in the county. We work closely with Nut Wood Farm, which can provide anything from bunched full leafy organic carrots to fragrant herbs. We support Vegan and Vegetarian foods and promote organic and food that nourishes the land.  We have a wonderful Vegan and Vegetarian menu brochure. 

Cheeses and Poultry and more: We are lucky enough to have a wonderful farm shop very close by called Peach Crop Farm, which supports another artisan local smaller food hand makers and suppliers. 

Meat: Newbury probably has one of the finest butchers in the UK. Caseys is a family-owned business established over 100 years ago. A specialist in Game and Pork, where all food is reared, sourced and produced on-site. 

Eggs: We use a wonderfully caring supplier Beechwood Eggs who was established in the 1950s and allow all hens to have natural behaviour and live as naturally as possibly day and night. 

Bread: We are pleased to work with another local supplier Hethertons Bakery in Newbury. Producing and baking bread fresh every day. 

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Goodness for our clients and the land. 

Rusty and Roses Limited as a healthy respect and attitude to maintaining a green approach to our business. This coincides with an ability to co support other local businesses and individuals. 

Zero Food Waste to Landfill

Our responsible attitude to be ethical and environmentally aware includes our waste management. We are proud to announce that Rusty and Roses is now able to recycle all of its food waste. We are also proud to work alongside The local Food Bank Charity based on our business park which works to give back good quality food parcels to those local residents in crisis. Rusty and Roses plan for 2022 onwards to use no single-use plastic and use ‘vegware’ packaging, which is made from plants and is completely biodegradable and compostable.

Rusty and Roses are lucky to work from Grenham Business Park which uses a fully recycled food waste management system with anaerobic digestion, where it is turned into captured methane that is then used as renewable energy. 

Reducing Waste and energy use.

  • Local produce equals less packaging and fewer food miles

  • Recycling bins for glass, paper (including napkins), cardboard, metal etc

  • Reusing plastic, glass and metal containers

  • Our wood oven runs sustainable wood sources. 

  • By 2023 we are hoping to change over to electric vans. 

  • We hope by the end of 2022 to have replaced several of our appliances to A+++ efficient machinery. 

Water Treatment and cleaning

  • Removes chemicals and heavy metals

  • Minimizes use of cleaning products with high chemical content - using eco products for all cleaning on and off site

  • Reduces limescale build-up saving energy and extending the life of appliances

  • Provides excellent quality water for cooking with. 


We would love to hear from you. 

Are you a local organic small business?

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