Buffet Menu


Buffet Menu A - Standard Buffet (£3.50 Per Head)

A Selection of Assorted Sandwiches
Featuring popular meats, cheese and egg
Freshly Baked Sausage Rolls, Freshly Baked Local Pork Pie
Homemade Coleslaw, Pasta Salad
Mini Assorted Quiches
Crisps, Nuts

Buffet Menu B - Traditional Buffet (£6.50 Per Head)

Potato Salad
Traditional English Salad
Freshly Baked Sausage Rolls
Honey Roast Ham, Chicken Drumsticks
Selection of Quiches, Cocktail Sausages
Prawns with Marie Rose Sauce
Scotch Eggs
Crisps, Nuts
Selection of Danish Pastries
Cream Cakes

Buffet Menu C - (£8.50 Per Head)

Greek Salad
Cous Cous, Grilled Haloumi
Stuffed Vine Leaves
Greek Meat Balls
Honey Roast Ham Chicken Drumsticks
Taramosalata, Tzatziki and Hummus Dips
Garlic Bread served with Pitta Bread
Water Melon
Fanned Melon with Summer Fruits

Buffet Menu D - The Fork Buffet (£15.50 Per Head)

Smoked Salmon Parcels
Peruvian Salad
Baked Leeks and Potato Gratin
Somerset Cider Glazed Ham
Moroccan Tagine
Rigatoni with Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs
Garlic and Butter Mushrooms
Beef Carbonade cooked in Red Wine
Stuffed Chicken Breast
Choice of Desserts from our Pick and Mix Menu

Buffet Menu E - The Finger Buffet (£15.50 Per Head)

Cranberry and Goats Cheese Parcels
Smoked Salmon Pancakes with Pine Nuts
Grilled Haloumi
Tandoori Chicken Drumsticks
Greek Meat Balls
Stuffed Vine Leaves
Spicy Potato Wedges
Bagels with Salmon and Cream Cheese
Mini Assorted Volauvents
Prawn Toast
Assorted Mini Belgian Cakes

Buffet Menu F -  (£18.50 Per Head)

Greek, Potato and Pasta Salad
Homemade Coleslaw
Sausage Rolls, Pork Pies
Mini Assorted Quiches
Sliced Ham and Top Side Beef
Cocktail Sausages
Scotch Eggs
Prawns in Rosemary Sauce
Taramosalata, Houmus, Tzatziki, Garlic and Salsa Dips
Pitta Breads
Oriental Dim Sum Selection
Greek Kebabs
Swedish Meatballs
Onion Bhajis
Crisps and Nuts
Fanned Melons with Summer Fruits
Watermelon Edible Display
Selection of Gateaux


Less Expensive options

Menu 1 - (From £2.00 Per Head)
Platters of Assorted Sandwiches

Menu 2 - (From £3.00 Per Head)
Platters of Assorted Sandwiches, Crisps, Sausage Rolls and Dinky Pork Pies

Menu 3 - (From £3.50 Per Head)
Platters of Assorted Sandwiches, Assorted Quiches, Onion Bhajis and Vegetables served with Dips

Menu 4 - (From £4.10 Per Head)
Platters of Assorted Sandwiches, Chicken Satays, Tortilla Crisps served with Salsa Dip and Mediterranean Cous Cous

Menu 5 - (From £4.70 per head)
Platters of Assorted Sandwiches, Potato Salad, Pasta Salad, Scotch Eggs and Cocktail Sausages

Menu 6 - (From £5.50 Per Head)
Platters of Assorted Sandwiches, Greek Meat Balls, Spring Rolls, Potato Salad, Honey Roast Ham and Fresh Fruit Cream Cakes