• David and Zoe Morris

Our Catering Options

With Rusty and Roses you can use our catering mobile staff for day, evening, formal, casual, bespoke or budget food options. Add on a bar to save even more of your catering food and drink wedding planning ideas. From themed to classic, canapes to street foods. Organic, Vegan or budget we can make your catering suit you

What do prices start from?

Prices can start from as little as £5 per head and work their way up to what ever you would like to provide


Contact us with what you would like using the contact form or phoning 07792 104418

Ask for a consultation and meet us at our many events for a tasting

Here’s what we need to do it:

  1. All our catering is mobile and 5 start hygiene rated, with full PL and PATS

  2. You create the menus with us

  3. We provide all the staff, equipment and everything to make it all work

  4. We prefer access to electricity but we can also use a generator

  5. The Woody mobile catering unit has a fully wood fired oven, freezers, fridges, cooker, hot plates and fryers to make a wide range of foods